El Salvador: a caesarean in place of abortion?

Publié le : 7 June 2013

 Whereas the Supreme Court of El Salvador rejected the request of a young woman in very poor health to obtain a therapeutic abortion (Cf Synthèse de presse vendredi 31 mai 2013), her doctors responded favourably to her request to undergo a Caesarean. The young woman requested this intervention "firstly for her own health, and because the baby is not going to live." The operation was held in the 26th week of gestation, in the night of 3 to 4 June, but the baby, a little girl, who was placed in an incubator, died at 7pm local time.

As if to justify this act, the Minister for Health declared: "this termination of pregnancy was not an abortion but a provoked birth, which is different".

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