Egg donation is still banned in Switzerland

Publié le 7 Feb, 2016

In Switzerland, a parliamentary initiative authorising egg donation was deemed “fair” two years ago by the National Council Commission for Science, Education and Culture followed by the sister Commission of the Council of States. However, the terms and conditions of the law on medically assisted procreation has not changed over the two-year period: sperm donation is authorised but egg donation is still prohibited.


In October, the Swiss people elected a majority right-wing parliament which “filed the egg donation initiative” on the grounds that a “parliamentary initiative is not a suitable instrument for altering the law”. The National Council Commission “will not draft a concrete bill” on egg donation.


Voters will review legislation concerning MAP in a referendum to be held on 5 June 2016.

L’hebdo (6/02/2016) ; Tribune de Genève (5/02/2016)

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