€250 to choose “own” Swedish sperm donor from photo

Publié le 4 Feb, 2019

Cryos, a Danish sperm bank, now gives clients the chance to select their sperm donor from a photo gallery “in order to get the most beautiful babies”. This option costs an extra €250, but it seems that clients are more than willing to pay. “The adult photo helps them replicate the natural selection mechanism”, explains Peter Reeslev, CEO of Cryos, who says that he is “very satisfied with the interest this has generated”.


The Danish sperm bank has been operating for more than 30 years in about a hundred countries and claims to have been involved in the creation of 65,000 children. One year ago, they were the first in Europe to have produced an online gallery of sperm donors. Along with the photo, the company also provides a substantial amount of information on the donor including “baby photos, audio recordings, handwritten greetings, emotional intelligence tests, family trees and the company’s impressions of the donor”.


The company pointed out that British clients are mostly interested in this new service. It also confirmed that the proportion of single people and female couples has increased considerably over the past five years. Today, 50% of its clients are single women, 35% are female couples and just 15% are heterosexual couples. Homosexuals are the most likely to request detailed information about the donor, while heterosexuals generally prefer to know as little as possible “out of respect for the father”.


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Daily Mail, Chloé Morgan (16/01/2018)

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