Draft European directive on GMOs: will Member States take the reins once again?

Publié le : 12 June 2014

 Today, within the Council of Ministers for the Environment, Europe is considering a draft European directive on GMOs. The legislation “makes the rules more flexible” by allowing each Member State to decide whether or not to authorise the cultivation of GMOs on its own territory.


Until now, if a Member State wished to ban the cultivation of a transgenic variety authorised by the European Union, it had to provide “new scientific evidence” highlighting the risk to “human and animal health”. With this draft directive, Member States could ban the cultivation of a GMO on more extensive grounds: based on “the aims of agricultural, environmental and public policies” followed by the Member State or “socio-economic impacts” deemed to be undesirable. 

Industrialists like the American group, Monsanto, have denounced this “backward step”.

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