Down syndrome: launch of a therapeutic trial

Publié le : 9 July 2013

 The Eisai pharmaceutical laboratory announced on Monday 1 July the launch of a "therapeutic trial" of a medication with Down syndrome patients aged 15 to 39. The treatment being tested is a cholinesterase inhibitor called "Aricept". It is normally used to treat certain symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease, "based on the hypothesis of a cerebral deficit in acetylcholine in some patients and on scientific research which shows that donepezil improves certain brain functions of patients."         

The aim, according to the laboratory, is to "assess to what extent the medication could improve the quality of life of these people by reducing the problems that affect them" from mid-adolescence on. Notably, for 6% of them, these involve problems of coordination, disturbed sleep or behavioural difficulties. Should the tests prove conclusive, added the laboratory, the burden on their entourage could also be eased.    
The programme will initially involve 10 hospitals around Japan and dozens of patients aged 15 to 39. It is due to last four years. 

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