Development of the international market for selling children by surrogacy is denounced

Publié le 15 Mar, 2015

The European group of associations, “No Maternity Traffic”, promoting the abolition of surrogacy, and the ECLJ (European Centre for Law and Justice) have lodged an “individual complaint”against the United Nations Special Reporter [1].

They denounce “the participation of the Russian authorities in a proven case where a child was sold by a Moscow company specialising in the sale of children”.


The child in question “was the subject of a recent judgement  passed by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) in the Paradiso and Campanelli versus Italy case”. The decision taken by the ECHR, likely to be the subject of an appeal, considered that the “purchase” of a child “per se was not sufficient reason to justify the decision of the Italian authorities to remove the child”.


[1] Mrs. Maude de Boer Buquicchio

Zenit, 14.03.2015

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