Development of a new in-vitro fertilisation technique

Publié le 21 Jan, 2016

Professor Nick Macklon, Head of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at the Princess Anne Hospital in Southampton (Great Britain), has developed a new in-vitro fertilisation technique, AneVivo. Using this technique, “fertilisation occurs in the natural environment of the uterus with access to the mother’s nutrients. This also reduces exposure to the culture fluids used in the laboratory”.


This method, which has been approved by the British Health Authorities “involves placing the sperm and the eggs in a small capsule which is then inserted into the uterus for 24 hours”. The doctor then removes the “device”and “selects those embryos which appear to be sufficiently healthy” before reimplanting them in the mother’s uterus.

Parents (21/01/2016); Tribune de Genève (24/01/2016)

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