Designer children: Brazilians import American sperm to have children with white skin

Publié le 17 Apr, 2018

Since 2011, American sperm imports to Brazil have increased by approximately 3000%. Over 50% of the Brazilian population is black or mixed-race, yet most applicants choose donors with light-coloured skin and blue eyes. In this country, 80% of wealthy Brazilians are Caucasian. The political and social elite, stemming from earlier European colonists, has predominantly white skin whereas those mothers who want the best for their children hope to guarantee “better opportunities”, “a better salary”  or even “better treatment from the police” for their offspring.


These women are prepared to pay $1,500 for a precious vial of American sperm. The whole process costs over $7,000. Those who cannot afford it look for donors on the Internet: “On Facebook, fair-skinned men offer to sell their sperm or have sex,” explains Slate. One of them – João Carlos Holland de Barcellos for instance – is a 61-year-old computer scientist with blond hair and blue eyes. He sells sperm samples daily with the help of his wife. “It’s an atheist’s way to achieve immortality,” he explains.


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Daily Caller, Gabrielle Okun (22/03/2018)

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