Declared brain dead, a British newborn defies all odds

Publié le 7 Jan, 2019

A little boy declared brain dead at birth has “defied all odds”, and is now 15 months old.


Kaleb Crook, a British boy, suffered oxygen deprivation at birth, giving him severe brain damage. Declared brain dead by the doctors, he was disconnected from his artificial respirator. “We were told he would only live for a few minutes so I held him so tightly in my arms,” said his mother. Then, against all odds, he began to breathe on his own, without respiratory assistance. “He defied all of the doctor’s expectations.” Today “little Kaleb is doing well”. “No one knows what the future holds for Kaleb but at the moment he’s choosing “life” every day and defying the odds,” his mother added.

Parents (11/12/2018)

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