CRISPR/Cas9: New calls for ethical regulations

Publié le 3 Sep, 2015

The emergence of the new CRISPR-Cas9 technology, which allows all types of genes to be edited, including those present in human embryos, is triggering a new wave of debates.  Following the concerns voiced by various American and French scientists, (See Gènéthique 01.04.2015 et 27.05.2015), it is now the turn of British medical charity organisation, the Wellcome Trust, to call for a major ethical debate on the subject.


The association that considers CRISPR as a “transforming” technology emphasises the “importance of broaching the ethical questions”“raised” by this kind of invention. This call for international dialogue follows on from the first experimental editing of human embryos by scientistschinois (See Gènéthique du 27.04.2015). This approach – the first of its kind – has been denounced by many scientists and experts who warn against the “abusive and reckless modification of human genomes, the effects of which could impact upon future generations”.

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