Creation of a research company to avoid artificial intelligence spin-offs

Publié le 13 Dec, 2015

OpenAI was officially launched on Friday. This is a “research company” which “aims to prevent artificial intelligence spin-offs”. Composed of “several Silicon Valley stakeholders”, the aim of Open AI is “to allow numerical intelligence to advance since this is the form most likely to benefit humanity overall without any financial return restrictions”.


 Today, artificial intelligence is a “major area of research and investment”. This is apparent from “the latest revolution to stimulate the Silicon Valley Companies, namely Machine Learning, a computer program “that learns itself”. By virtue of the computer expertise acquired to date and big data available to companies, “machine learning” can now create “hitherto unprecedented” products. “Gradually, data item after data item, phrase after phrase and image after image, these programs have become ‘intelligent’. The machine is therefore replacing lines and lines of computer codes”.


Machine learning” could also be applied to robotics. In the long term, these options are generating cause for concern: “Highly advanced artificial intelligence is excellent in order for its targets to be met. However, if its targets are not the same as ours, we will have problems”, warned Stephen Hawking. Elon Musk, Joint Chairman of the OpenAI Company announced in October, “It is the greatest threat to our existence. Regulatory monitoring must be implemented on an international level to ensure that we do not do something very stupid!”.

Le Monde (12/12/2015) – Tribune de Genève (12/12/2015)

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