Costa Rica summoned to re-establish in vitro fertilization

Publié le : 28 December 2012

 The Inter-American Court of Human Rights (IACH) "has condemned the State of Costa Rica for prohibiting in vitro fertilization and requires that the health establishments of the country re-facilitate access to this method," points out a lawyer for the plaintiffs. He adds, "the plaintiffs are due to receive material and moral damages whose amount has not yet been specified".    

This ruling comes after the Chamber of Representatives of Costa Rica rejected in 2011 the bill authorising the practice of in vitro fertilization (IVF) and after "the constitutional court had ruled in vitro fertilization to be unconstitutional in 2000."
According to another lawyer for the plaintiffs, thus condemnation "means that in vitro fertilization will have to be re-established and funded by the State.". Following this ruling, a press release from the Ministry of Communication pointed out that "the government has implicitly recognised the condemnation by declaring that it will respect the Court’s ruling and will take the measures necessary for implementing it.

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