Controversy on the gender in high school: a challenge which became political

Publié le 31 Oct, 2011

The controversy related to the introduction of the theory of the gender in high school continues. A pool from Ifop published in Valeurs Actuelles on 17th November and a happening of professors in front of the school of medicine of Paris on 20th November invite again this controversy in the current context.

Young people, subjects for experiments


For the theorists of the gender like Judith Butler, being a man or being a woman “is culturally constructed, regardless of the biological irreducibility which seems related to the sex“. Yet, no scientific evidence allows supporting such a statement. “The adolescents are not subjects to experiments“, outraged the professors present at the happening.

Behind the theory


With the education of the gender, the supporters of this theory want to promote other questions: homosexual marriage, access to any couples to assisted fertilization, surrogacy. Indeed, with the definition of the gender as a social conditioning, the masculine/feminine difference loses it reason for being. All can be chosen: marriage with a person of the same sex or programming of a child by any means, etc. Indeed this debate concerns the whole French society: is that this way it wants to train young people?


The forgotten democracy


The messages of the pool from Ifop for Valeurs Actuelles are clear: 54% of French people think that this theory is source of confusion for adolescents and 75% ask the Minister for Education to give real answer. Moreover, 114 senators and 80 deputies asked a parliamentarian mission on this theme. Luc Chatel turns a deaf ear and hides behind the liberty of the publishers, affirming that they are the only ones able to conceive the manuals. The publisher declares that they have respected the specifications of the ministry. At the beginning of the presidential campaign, parliamentarians remind, rightly, the “the presidential campaign will be also wined on questions on society and values“.

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