Contraceptive pill: European Medicines Agency demands warnings about the risk of depression and suicide

Publié le 10 Dec, 2018

The European Medicines Agency is calling for a change in the package leaflet of hormonal contraceptive pills to “warn of the risks of depression and suicide”. The decision is based on a 2017 Danish study. Of the 500,000 women enrolled in the study, 69,999 attempted suicide and 71 took their own life. These figures are “almost twice as high in women who take the pill”.


Switzerland has confirmed that it will make this change beginning in 2019 but the formulation which will be chosen is not yet known. Daniel Surbek, Professor of Gynaecology in Bern, considers that it is “right” to “warn about such psychological side effects” because “the results of the Danish study are relevant and have been confirmed”. For its part, the Swiss Pharmacists’ Association “is unable to assess whether this decision will impact sales”.

20 minutes Suisse (21/11/2018)

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