Contraception: Pfizer offers a solution to “very busy women”

Publié le 23 Sep, 2015

In England, the Health Authorities have just allowed the Pfizer Laboratory to launch a “home-injectable” contraceptive on the market, Sayana Press®. This is a long-acting hormonal contraceptive.  One injection “protects” women for “thirteen weeks at least”.


The novelty lies in the fact that Sayana Press® is a “self-injectable”product, which means that women do not “lose any time” attending medical consultations.  A “training” visit is scheduled but follow-up will take the form of an annual telephone call.

Seema Patel, Medical Director for the manufacturer (Pfizer) commented as follows, “We realise that very busy women may find it challenging to attend a regular medical consultation to renew their contraceptive prescription”.


 In England, “5 million women choose hormonal contraception”. Sayana Press® “provides an alternative for busy women who still want to control family planning issues”, concluded Seema Patel.

The Telegraph (24/09/2015)

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