Condemnation of a Belgian residential home: the “totalitarianism of euthanasia”

Publié le 30 Jun, 2016

Questioned about her condemnation of a Belgian residential home for “refusing euthanasia” (see Euthanasia imposed on health centres in Belgium and Canada), Carine Brochier from the European Institute of Bioethics had this to say, “the legal conditions were not met” in this case – therefore, the issue is not one of freedom of conscience but the “freedom of the institution”, the “freedom to undertake”, a “fundamental right”, which allows everyone to express himself/herself according to his/her beliefs”.


Carine Brochier denounces the “totalitarianism of euthanasia”, the “ideological forcing” which is not in the interests of patients or carers but highlights “political and ideological combat”. This decision sends carers a totalitarianistic message: “As a carer, you aren’t entitled to think otherwise because euthanasia has been decriminalised”. However, euthanasia is “an option allowing freedom of choice, but not a right,” she pointed out.


The 2002 law outlined strict conditions for euthanasia, “as an exception, provided that precise conditions are met. Fourteen years later and look where we are – a far cry from that,” she lamented.

KTO TV (30/06/2016)

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