Clandestine Palestinian Babies

Publié le : 20 December 2013

 Palestinian prisoners serving long sentences in Israeli jails are managing to "send sperm samples to their wives". These “5,000 Palestinian ‘security prisoners’ sentenced for acts of terrorism are forbidden to have any intimate contact with their wives". However, according to the Libération daily newspaper, "several Palestinians have managed to have the children of their imprisoned husbands by smuggling their husbands’ sperm out of jail" and subsequently undergoing medically assisted procreation (MAP).  

Dr. Nizam Najib, who runs the Razan (private) Medical Centre for Infertility and In-Vitro Fertilisation at Ramallah explains that, "Since last year, five children have been born to prisoners via this system.  Eighteen women are pregnant at the moment and sixty sperm specimens have been frozen". He went on to add that the specimens "smuggled out from several prisons are not always in good condition", explaining by way of example that, in some cases, "the sperm was not frozen for up to six hours". 
To protect the "channels", the women are silent about how they manage to obtain their husbands’ sperm. According to the Libération newspaper, "During prison visits, visitors are separated from their nearest and dearest by a glass window. Only children under 8 years of age are allowed to have physical contact with their fathers". 
Once they have been born, these babies are considered "clandestine – the State of Israel refuses to recognise them" but they are entered in the "Palestinian Authorities’ Register of  Births".

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