China: surrogacy black market is booming

Publié le 30 Jan, 2018

In China, more and more childless couples are spending between €45,000 and €126,000 on the black market to have a child through surrogacy. The price varies according to the gender of the baby, complications during pregnancy or in case of handicap.


Surrogacy is strictly illegal in China, from bank transaction to surrogacy and choice of gender. Many families are turning to surrogacy following the relaxation of China’s one-child policy and lots of couples are now too old to have a second child. Others have lost their only child and want “to replace him/her“.


The surrogate mothers who are selected live in poor villages where “the money is welcome“, as testified by a “middle-aged” woman from the village: “My granddaughter has done it several times. My eldest daughter has just delivered twins. My daughter-in-law is pregnant now. […] If hundreds of thousands of Yuan are on the table, what mother-in-law would argue the case with her daughter-in-law?“.

BioEdge, Michael Cook (13/01/2018)

Photo : Pixabay

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