Chile authorises abortion on three grounds: risk to the mother, rape and foetal deformity

Publié le 17 Mar, 2016

In Chile, the draft law authorising “therapeutic” abortion, approved by Congress on 4 August 2015, was voted on by the Chamber of Deputies on Thursday. It decriminalises abortion in the event of rape, foetal deformity and in cases where the mother’s health is at risk.


Every “ground for abortion taken into consideration was voted on separately”: 67 MPs voted in favour of abortion in cases where “the mother’s life is at risk”, 47 against; 62 voted in favour of abortion in the case of “a non-viable foetus”, 46 against; 59 voted in favour of an abortion in cases of rape, 47 against.


The draft bill “must now be validated by the Senate”.

AFP (17/03/2016)

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