Chemical abortion exposes women to numerous risks

Publié le : 28 February 2014

 In the United States, according to a report published by the Guttmacher Institute, which is in favour of abortion, the number of abortions has fallen. Furthermore, it stated that 23% of abortions are chemical abortions (RU 486 pill) – a figure that is rising compared to 2008 (17%). 

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and manufacturers of the RU 486 pill have both recognised the fact that abortion drugs expose women to risks, including death. Consequently, the FDA has approved a protocol for the use of these abortion drugs – a protocol, which suppliers flout by administering the drugs contrary to the manner approved by the FDA.         
In 2011, the FDA reported that 8 women had died from a bacterial infection following the use of abortion drugs. The evidence shows that each of these women followed a protocol that was not FDA-approved. On the contrary, to date, the FDA has not received any reports of deaths due to bacterial infection when the FDA protocol has been followed. 
The United States Supreme Court has frequently encouraged the various States to take an active role in protecting the health of mothers-to-be, right from the start of pregnancy. Furthermore, the Court has explicitly voiced its intention for the State and Federal legislation to "have considerable scope in legislating in areas fraught with medical or scientific uncertainty". 

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