Charlie Gard: “The opportunity [for treatment] was lost”

Publié le 21 Aug, 2017

On Monday, 24 June, the parents of 11 month-old Charlie Gard, who is suffering from a rare genetic disorder, announced the end of their legal battle to keep their child alive. On 25 July, the Court had to decide (see Charlie Gard: Another hearing before the British High Court of Justice) whether the child could be given experimental treatment in the United States. This decision would have confirmed or overturned previous decisions reached by the various legal institutions involved in the case.


Connie Yates and Chris Gard “decided to let their child go” after an American doctor (see Charlie Gard: American doctor to comment on treatment efficacy), who came to examine the child a few days earlier announced that it was too late for Charlie to have the planned treatment. According to their lawyer, “it is no longer in Charlie’s interest to pursue treatment” because “Charlie is suffering from serious muscular atrophy” and “muscle wastage is irreversible”. He added: “Charlie had to wait for treatment. Because of this delay, the opportunity has been lost”. For Charlie’s parents, “it’s the most difficult thing we have ever had to do. The last eleven months have been the best and worst of our lives. We just wanted to give him a chance to live”. They said they were ready to accept Charlie’s transfer to a palliative care departmentThey intend to fund an association so that Charlie’s voice “continues to be heard” and to help parents in the same situation.


The Vatican published a press release: Pope Francis “is praying for Charlie and his parents and feels particularly close to them at this time of great suffering”.


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