Changing the way disability is seen through a Tour de France

Publié le : 7 May 2013
The Christian support organisation for disabled people OCH (Office chrétien des personnes handicapées) celebrates its 50th anniversary. To mark the occasion, it invites people to participate in a walking Tour de France to change the way disability is seen. 3,000 kilometres on foot, begun on Sunday 28 April, from Brussels to Paris, in 169 days, to help to break down prejudice. The need for it arises from the fact that the enormous progress made in caring for people with disabilities "has still not quite changed how we see them, nor effaced the disturbing image that we have of disability," says Marie-Vincente Puiseux, communication manager for OCH.
Groups of people with a physical, mental or psychic disability, accompanied by unaffected people will relay each other every five days to go through towns and villages on foot or in a wheelchair. The march is open to all the passers-by who wish to join in for an hour or more to enable encounters to take place and reduce this disturbing image. Arrival on 13 October in front of Notre Dame de Paris.

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