Carmat: first artificial heart implantation in Kazakhstan

Publié le 6 Nov, 2017

On Monday, 23 October, Carmat announced that it “had successfully carried out  […] the first artificial heart transplantation” in Kazakhstan, “without giving the precise date of the operation“.


This procedure was performed in Astana, at the  National Research Center for Cardiac Surgery, by a team led by Doctor Yuriy Pya, cardiac surgeon and General Manager of the Centre.


Up until this point, the Carmat company had only carried out implantations in France (see ANSM (French National Agency for Medicines and Health Products Safety) authorises the resumption of cardiac clinical trials by Carmat). In 2013, the company had implanted “what was intended to be a permanent artificial heart instead of the patient having to wait for a heart transplant“. However, the five trials all failed “because of the death of the patients involved“. ANSM demanded that the clinical trials be suspended until new safety guarantees could be given (see Death of the fifth patient transplanted with a Carmat heart: implantations suspended) before authorising their reinstatement last May.


However, Carmat recently decided to leave France and set up business in Kazakhstan in order to continue its trials.

Europe 1 (23/10/2017) ; Le Monde avec AFP (23/10/2017)

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