Canada: a new abortion-related motion submitted by an MP

Publié le : 29 November 2013

 In April 2012, the MP for the State of Ontario submitted a motion aimed at redefining the status of the human being, which was ultimately not adopted. The question at the centre of the debate was as follows:  "When does a foetus become a human being?".
In a new motion submitted on Thursday, 21 November, the MP S. Woodworth once again requested that "all Canadian legislation be interpreted so as to recognise the equal values and dignity of anyone who is fundamentally a human being". Reflecting the motion that he submitted last year, the MP clarified his statement by adding: "I would like any decision relating to abortion to be based on the idea that all human beings are valued and have equal dignity". As far as S. Woodworth is concerned, "if a decision disregards this principle, it is lacking ‘something of vital importance’ ".            
This motion is aimed at responding to the wishes of Canadian judge, Bertha Wilson, who in 1988, in the R versus Morgentaler judgement, advised "caution in determining the point up to which an abortion could be carried out". 
According to the website, the motion will probably not be put to the vote before the next general elections scheduled for 2015.

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