Campaign for fertility equality begins in Israel

Publié le : 20 December 2013

 On Wednesday 11 December 2013, Israeli Minister, Yael German, announced her plans to liberalise her country’s fertility law. She wants to provide fertility equality for all individuals and declared that "Everyone has the right to parenthood and there should be no discrimination between a woman who wants to become a mother and a man who wants to become a father".

This liberalisation plan comes in the wake of the recommendations made by the Commission for the Evaluation of Fertility and Childbirth. The minister has adopted virtually all of the recommendations in this report. Amongst some of the key measures to be adopted, Israel wishes to authorise same sex couples to become parents with the help of an Israeli surrogate mother. "The minister did not go as far as saying that surrogate mothers could be paid for their services". Yael German would like to make surrogacy legally available because "Israel is currently suffering from a shortage of surrogate mothers". She will present her bill in 2014.
It may also be possible for married couples to "seek fertility treatment with a third person without their spouse knowing".

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