California: the law on assisted suicide benefits insurance companies

Publié le 3 Nov, 2016

In California, Stephanie Packer, mother of four children and suffering from terminal phase scleroderma, explained that her insurance company initially agreed to pay for the chemotherapy recommended by her treating physicians. However, one week after assisted suicide was legalised in California, the insurance company retracted its offer as the law authorised doctors to administer a lethal dose to patients with six months or less to live.


On contacting her insurance company for an explanation, Stephanie Packer was told that only her assisted suicide would be covered. The young woman’s doctors challenged the insurance company on two occasions, but to no avail.


For this young mother, the legalisation of assisted suicide in California encourages insurance companies to refuse cover for terminally ill patients. Stephanie added that, unfortunately, many people finally opt for assisted suicide which is less expensive than the treatment required.

The Washington Times, Bradford Richardson (20/10/2016).

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