Calico, a new Google company to “combat death”

Publié le : 13 June 2014

 Biology, genetics and medicines are areas in which Google has shown sustained interest for many years according to Laurent Alexandre, President of DNAVision (a genome sequencing company) in an interview with the Figaro magazine, which is producing an article on the founders of the company.


Google created 23andMe, a company that decrypts the genome of its clients and focuses on embryo selection. It was recently successful in “patenting a method for selecting donor gametes based on complex computerised genetic calculations” (Gènéthique press review on September 30th, 2013) Today, it is launching Calico – a biotechnology company. With this, Google “is giving itself twenty years to increase life expectancy by twenty years or so“, with the bigger picture in mind “to ‘combat death’ ” explains Laurent Alexandre.

According to Laurent, Google’s advantage lies in the fact that neither research nor the pharmaceutical industry “has endeavoured to increase the life expectancy of healthy people“. And based on the results of laboratory experiments into brain cell regeneration, particularly in mice, “that does not seem far-fetched“, adds Laurent Alexandre. 
What has encouraged Google to go to such lengths?  Transhumanism, according to Laurent Alexandre with the Google managers being the “principal propagators“. For him, transhumanism “is the desire to prolong life expectancy and why not strive for immortality? The focus is to develop artificial intelligence superior to human intelligence and channel that artificial intelligence into the human brain“, thus “combating death“, he concludes, “That’s what Calico is all about!“.

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