British national who died in Egypt is repatriated without heart or kidneys

Publié le 12 Nov, 2018

David Humphries, aged 62, was on a family holiday in the Egyptian resort of Makadi, when he sought medical advice about chest pains on 13 September 2018. On 18 September, he returned to hospital after a fall and died during the night. An initial autopsy was performed by Egyptian doctors. The body of David Humphries was then repatriated by plane on 1 October.


As the results of the first autopsy were deemed “inconclusive”, the family requested a second post-mortem examination during which British doctors found that the deceased’s heart and kidneys had been removed without consent.


“We are working with lawyers in Egypt to find out what has happened so that we can give David’s family the answers they need” explained lawyers appointed to handle the case.


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