British company offers “satisfaction or money back” IVF guarantees

Publié le 13 Jan, 2017

The British Company, Assured Fertility, specialising in IVF programs, offers commercial “satisfaction or money back” guarantees to infertile couples who want to have a child.


The Company spent two and a half years studying Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) records and even employed statisticians at Manchester University to carry out “effective” HIV by implanting the “healthiest embryos”. This enables the Company “to give couples or single people the option of having a family for approximately £10,000”. And, if the procedure is not successful, the Company will refund the clients.


This commercial venture is just starting up as the National Health Service (the public health system in the United Kingdom) announced its decision to cut the financing of fertility treatment such as in-vitro fertilisation.

  • Telegraph (Sarah Knapton) 12/12/2016

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