British Columbia: a review of fees to encourage doctors to practise assisted dying?

Publié le 18 Jun, 2018

From 1st May, doctors in British Columbia, Canada, who are involved in medically assisted dying, have witnessed an increase in fees go from $200 to $280. They can also claim an additional $125 for picking up the lethal drugs when the pharmacy is a long way from where the patient is being cared for, which is regularly the case for doctors practising outside a hospital setting. This is in addition to a “travelling allowance” for “people who cannot get to urban centres”. Overall, they can get up to $405 for helping someone to die.


In this State, which receives the biggest number of assisted-suicide requests, Stefanie Green, President and Co-founder of the Canadian Association of Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID) Assessors and Providers, hopes that this measure will encourage the commitment of professionals in this area. According to her, “in the past, fees have proved to be a significant barrier to the recruitment of doctors in this new line of work”.


These changes have a retroactive effect. They apply from June last year.

Radio Canada (18/05/2018) – Les médecins qui offrent l’aide médicale à mourir en C.-B. seront mieux rémunérés

The Gloe and Mail, Kelly Grant (15/05/2018) – B.C. raises payments to doctors who provide medical assistance in dying


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