Black hole facing the Ethics Committee on the end-of-life issue

Publié le : 28 February 2014

 In its decision dated 27 January 2014 relating to the ethical aspects of applying the law governing euthanasia and after three years of discussion, the Belgian Bioethics Advisory Committee failed to reach a clear and unanimous decision.

When questioned by the Federal Government as to whether "a hospital or care home could prohibit the practice of euthanasia within its walls and activate a kind of "collective consciousness clause", the Bioethics Committee remained silent. Members of the Bioethics Committee do not agree. Should there be "death clinics", geared primarily to caring for the terminally ill who "comply with the legal conditions for euthanasia"? Some members are in favour of this approach. Others, however, prefer mobile teams of doctors practising euthanasia. Whilst some members are totally against placing "too much pressure on the most vulnerable people who accept their ‘duty to die’ "

Based on the way in which the decision was presented by the Bioethics Committee, it would appear that mobile teams of doctors practising euthanasia would be a "better" alternative than "places for people to die".

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