Bill on the end of life in the National Assembly

Publié le : 5 April 2013
The UMP member of parliament Jean Léonetti "has secured the forthcoming discussion in the National Assembly of his bill on the end of life [in order] to test the government and know the positions of the ministers concerned" on euthanasia.     
Article 1 of the bill "lays down that any person in the terminal phase of a serious and incurable illness ‘has the right to request his/her attending doctor to administer a treatment for sedative purposes, including if this treatment may have as its secondary effect to shorten life’." Article 2 "lays down that when anticipated directives are drawn up in the form of a care project approved both by the patient and the doctor, they are compulsory for the doctor." The text adds that "the anticipated directives, which are not compulsory in the case of an immediate emergency with a risk to the patient’s life and in a context of psychiatric illness, must nevertheless be ‘inserted in the medical file and medical card of the patient’." This bill "expresses the recommendations" of the report of Prof. Sicard which advocated a strict ban on euthanasia but the accessibility of assisted suicide via terminal sedation.     

According to the MP, "the fact of holding a debate will enable the Assembly members to reveal their positions. Each one will say what they think and then face up to their responsibilities." With a statement from the National Consultative Committee of Ethics due in April, Jean Léonetti concludes by pointing out that this stand of the Committee "will also help us to make progress in this debate." 

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