Belgium: towards an extension of euthanasia to minors?

Publié le : 28 December 2012

 Whereas euthanasia has been authorised since 2002 to people over 18 in Belgium, "the country will once again be debating the law to determine if it can be extended to include minors and people with Alzheimer’s."

Among the modifications submitted to Parliament by the Socialist Party on Tuesday, "the principal one aims at extending the law to include minors if they are capable of understanding the issues, when they have an incurable disease and their suffering cannot be eased." If this proposal is adopted, Belgium would thus follow "the example of the Netherlands which became the first country in the world to have legalised euthanasia for patients at least 12 years old (with the agreement of their parents up to 16 years old) in April 2002."     
Furthermore, Senator Mahoux, who initiated the propositions, said he wants to launch the debate "to verify if the latest advances of the neurosciences will make it possible to extend the law to people suffering from degenerative mental diseases (such as Alzheimer’s) when they wish this.

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