Belgium: new hearings on the extension of the law on euthanasia

Publié le : 15 March 2013

 In Belgium, in the framework of the debates that opened in the Senate on 21 February on the question of the extension of the law on euthanasia to minors and people afflicted with degenerative mental diseases, "the combined Commissions of Justice and Social Affairs drew up on Wednesday a schedule of new hearings on the adaptation of [this] law, following those already organised on the issue of minors." Thus, "the senators have decided to shorten the timetable of these hearings which will be held until mid-May." These hearings will notably tackle "the less consensual issue of patients with degenerative diseases." As regards the extension of the law to minors, a certain consensus seems to have emerged to authorise it "but new hearings on this issue are not to be excluded.


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