Belgium: he killed his wife “out of compassion” – will he be sentenced?

Publié le 23 Oct, 2017

In the Belgian city of Liège, a 73 year-old man is facing criminal proceedings “having fatally poisoned his wife”. According to him, “he was only following his wife’s wishes to undergo euthanasia as she was suffering from diffuse generalised osteoarthritis“. His wife was 86 years old and had expressed a desire for euthanasia on several occasions. In 2009, her husband made her “take a large quantity of medicines” to cause her death. 


 According to the prosecutor, “the defendant has committed a serious act in killing his wife”. He should therefore serve at least five years in prison (according to the Belgian penal code, murder carries a sentence of life imprisonment). The judgment will be given on 20 October.

RTBF (6/10/2017)

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