Belgium: “End-of-life legislative frenzy”

Publié le 4 Oct, 2016

Following on from Belgium’s“strange record” when it comes to euthanasia (see Belgique : un mineur euthanasié – Belgium: a minor is given euthanasia), Belgian Senator, Alain Destexhe, shares his analysis: “The legislative frenzy in social terms does not seem to have any limits whereas abuse is widespread”.


This “record” concerns the first case of euthanasia for a minor since the law was extended in 2014. This extension “is following the precedent set by other ’progressive’  reforms and ‘ethical’ laws adopted with enthusiasm by Belgium from 1999 onwards”: civil partnerships, adoption by homosexual couples, authorisation for human embryo research and tolerance vis-à-vis MAP and surrogacy. The Belgian Socialist Party“which wants to ‘generate progress’ has standardised these ethical laws and intends to defend its victories, particularly with regard to euthanasia for minors, and fight to ensure that the ground gained is not lost in the wake of conservative resurgence”. “The end-of-life legislative frenzy seems endless” since three new proposals have been put forward by Socialist MPs.


However, the facts are alarming: the Federal Commission for the Control and Evaluation of Euthanasia“is satisfied with recording the reported cases, but “the safety mechanisms introduced by the law are inadequate and insufficient”, and the majority of cases remain shrouded in secrecy.

Le Figaro, Alain Destexhe (20/09/2016)

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