Babybloom withdraws its “grant for surrogate mothers”

Publié le 31 Jan, 2016

Babybloom Homoparentalité intended to organise a grant for surrogate mothers in a hotel on 29 and 30 of January (see Grant for surrogate mothers” at the end of January). With this event, the American association wanted to “promote its catalogue, which offers a wide choice of surrogate mothers living in the United States”. “Discreet”, Babybloom homoparentalité does not give “any advertisements or addresses but offers individual meetings with the organisers via Facebook”.  However, it also proposes the “mail-order purchase of babies” for €80,000 to €100,000. In the light of protests, Babybloom “opted to cancel its Brussels campaign”.


On the occasion of this event, the Belgian “Action for Families” Association published a press release in which it reminded readers that “a human being – the child – cannot be the subject of an agreement, cannot be bought and is not a gift.  Furthermore, women cannot be hired. For all of these reasons, there will never be any such thing as ethical surrogacy”. It also reminded people to demonstrate in front of the hotel where this “grant” event was to take place.

Le Point (31/01/2016)

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