Australia: Parliament rejects the draft bill on active euthanasia for the fifteenth time

Publié le 29 Nov, 2016

 In Australia, the draft bill on active euthanasia with “guarantees” was rejected for the fifteenth time by the Southern Australian Parliament (see Australie : Le Parlement examine pour la quatorzième fois un projet de loi sur l’euthanasie active – Australia: Parliament reviews the draft bill on active euthanasia for the fourteenth time).


 With these “guarantees”, the new draft bill would grant access to euthanasia for individuals who are not terminally ill. Prime Minister, Jay Weatherill, who supports this bill, has announced his intention to respect the MPs’ decision but is said to be “incredibly disappointed”(see Australie : Le parlement de Victoria veut autoriser l’euthanasie – Victoria Parliament wants to authorise euthanasia).


Opposition leader, Steven Marshall, who also voted in favour of this draft bill, confirmed that there would no revote on active euthanasia before a new Parliament.

The Guardian, 16/11/2016.

Photo : Pixabay, DR.

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