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Australia: Member of Parliament wishes to publicise the risk factors associated with breast cancer, including abortion

Publié le : 6 June 2014

 Australian MP, Freya Ostapovitch, has informed Parliament that abortion increases the risk of breast cancer. Her statement is based on a series of studies. Amazed that women are not familiar with these “basic facts”, she wants to place the information in the public domain.

Breast cancer is the primary cause of death in women before the menopause and the third cause of death in menopausal women. She declared that abortions are a risk factor alongside smoking, obesity, the contraceptive pill and alcohol. The MP, who is a member of the Liberal National Party, has based her comments on the work carried out last year by Dr. Yubei Huang, who pointed out that abortions increased the risk of breast cancer by 44%. The MP also referred to “six studies published in India and Bangladesh”, confirming this statement.

Freya Ostapovitch suggests that medical and scientific communities agree that a pregnancy that goes full-term reduces the risk of breast cancer.

This former psychiatric nurse is interested in the causes of breast cancer following the diagnosis of this condition in her mother.

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