Australia: An end to anonymity for sperm donation

Publié le 17 Mar, 2017

Sperm donors will no longer be anonymous in the State of Victoria in Australia. Children born through MAP (medically assisted procreation) following sperm donation will be able to obtain information about their biological parent(s). The change to the assisted procreation law, adopted last year (see Sperm donation: anonymity to end soon in the State of Victoria), came into force on the first of March. Australia has therefore become the first country in the world to put an end to this practice.


The change is retroactive. Children already born through sperm donation can obtain information about their donors, even if the latter have not given their consent. The donor’s name, date of birth, ethnic origin, genetic disorders and donor code can be used to find “siblings” sharing the same donor. A central donor register will be available to children over the age of 18 and their families.


However, this “right to information” does not automatically include the option to communicate or start a relationship with this person. The donor will specify if and how he can be contacted. The child can also indicate his/her preferences in the central register. Violation of these requests will constitute an offence.


Health Authorities have confirmed that the number of donors has not been affected since the vote in favour of this amendment.

Bionews, Rikita Patel (6/03/2017)

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