Australia: A judge warns of the psychological effects of surrogacy on children

Publié le : 8 April 2014

 In Australia, a judge recently shared his concerns on the effects that international surrogacy arrangements could have on children born using this method. 

In a judgement that could have a significant impact on future Australian legislation regarding surrogacy, Judge Paul Cronin of the "Australian Family Court" warned that these children could face an identity crisis when they realise that they were conceived by surrogacy for which remuneration was paid. Judge Paul Cronin stressed that children born under these circumstances "either felt abandoned by their biological mothers or, to put it bluntly, sold by them". He went on to add that, "this is a new legal aspect in a context where science is paving the way […] I have no idea what could happen if the biological mother suddenly changed her mind and wanted to be involved in the child’s future". 

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