André Compte-Sponville: “Medicine is not going to cure us of finiteness”

Publié le 26 Sep, 2016

On the occasion of a scientific seminar[i], André Compte-Sponville, philosopher and member of the French National Consultative Ethics Committee, gave food for thought on the increasing role of medicine in everyday life.


As far as the philosopher is concerned, health has become a supreme value in society, the ideology of “pan-medicalism” potentially culminating in transhumanism. The very definition of medicine is challenged because its primary function is no longer to treat the sick but to improve normal conditions. The frontier between medicine and doping is therefore breaking down.


The philosopher goes on to provide assurance that humanity is not covered by a pathological condition and therefore medicine: “The day when everyone has molecules to create a state of overall well-being, even euphoria, then the very question of the human condition will be completely transformed(…) “Medicine is not going to cure us of finiteness”.


Finally, André Compte-Sponville points a finger at the paradox between technological medicine and alternative methods, which, in his opinion, are emerging from “disturbing irrationalism”.


[i]Seminar on Sciences, Health and Society S3 Odéon”, which was held at the Théâtre de l’Odéon on 3 September 2016.

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