An opinion poll highlights abortion pain

Publié le : 17 May 2013

 A recent opinion poll carried out by OpinionWay for the Nordic Pharma laboratory, among 499 women aged 16 to 50 who had had an abortion in the previous five years, reveals that "two thirds of women who have had an abortion say that they felt pain during it." The survey found that "almost nine women out of ten felt pain with an intensity of over 6/10 on the scale of rating the pain," and that for 62% of women, this pain was very intense. Dr Eric Viel, anaesthetist and coordinator of courses on pain in the Faculty of Medicine of Nîmes University, says this pain ought to be taken into account: "Pain rated 6 or 7/10 is not insignificant."            

According to a survey of the French Department for Research, Studies, Evaluation and Statistics (DRESS), "the number of abortions has stabilised at around 210,000 per year in mainland France." In 2010, thenumber of abortions was 225,000, of which 212,000 were in mainland France. While the survey reveals a stability in the number of women wanting to terminate their pregnancy, the journalist mentions that "this should not hide the relative frequency of the event for a given woman" because "one woman out of three will terminate a pregnancy in the course of her life.

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