An obstetrician-gynaecologist found guilty of not performing an abortion in Argentina

Publié le 11 Jun, 2019

In May 2017, Dr Leandro Rodrígues Lasta – an obstetrician-gynaecologist and head of a gynaecology department – received a 19-year-old woman in consultation “who was suffering from severe pain after taking misoprostol”, the first of the two pills for a medical abortion. Since the young woman was 23 weeks pregnant and her baby already weighed more than 510 grams, the doctor opted to stabilize the patient’s condition so that she could deliver by induction at 35 weeks. The child, who was adopted, has just turned two years old.


Judge Álvaro Meynet accused the gynaecologist of implementing a “delaying tactic” by not performing this abortion. He added that since Dr Rodrígues Lasta is not listed in the register of conscientious objectors, he had a legal obligation to perform this abortion. Abortion is legal in Argentina in rape cases and when the mother’s life or health is endangered.


Numerous processions and vigils were organised in support of Dr Leandro Rodrígues Lasta, who announced that he would appeal against the decision.

Aleteia, Zelda Caldwell (23/05/2019) –  Argentine OB-GYN found guilty for refusing to perform abortion


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