An Englishman wakes from a coma just before the life support machines are switched off

Publié le 9 Oct, 2017

Martin Jervis, a 61 year-old British man, sustained a stroke that required extensive surgery. Doctors believed that he had “little chance of recovery” and his family, in agreement with the medical team, refused any attempt to prolong his life by medical means. They wanted to “spare him any further suffering“.


 But two weeks after lapsing into a coma and “four hours before the final scan to establish when the life support machine should be turned off”,  Martin Jervis “suddenly opened his eyes“.


 According to his wife, “It was a total shock“. It also came as something of a surprise to the medical team who had declared the patient “brain dead“. His son explained,  “He clenched his hand, moved his left leg when asked to do so and followed the nurse’s fingers with his eyes! […] His surgeon could not believe it. He had never seen a patient wake up after such a devastating stroke“.


 Although he is “still suffering” and is still on a “ventilator“, he is improving every day and “will soon be able to return home to his family“.

Closer, Coralie Vincent (22/09/2017)

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