An end of January “grant for surrogate mothers”

Publié le 17 Jan, 2016

Babybloom Homoparentalité is organising a “grant for surrogate mothers” on 29 and 30 January in Brussels and on 31 January in Paris in an attempt to “help provide information for couples wishing to create a family”. The information is being circulated “discretely” on social networking sites:“send a private message to find out the exact location and sign up for this event”.


This is not the first event of its kind. The American association, Men Having Babies, organised a seminar “promoting surrogacy with a purely commercial logic” last May in Brussels, triggering “general indignation”.


The Babybloom association “promises to select the ‘perfect’ surrogate mother for future gay fathers (…)with ‘faster procedures’ (…), ‘a 100% guaranteed success rate’” and “total control of their budget” [1]. The company, which is “far from being disinterested”, controls all the intermediaries, namely the surrogate mother, the person who donates the egg and the fertility clinic. It also offers its “services” to women who are thus “encouraged to establish exactly which criteria are important to them, such as intelligence, physical appearance or personality…”.


[1] Last May, the “homopapas” interviewed by la Libre announced a budget of $ 100,000 to $150,000. ]



La Libre (15/01/2016)

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