An American arrested for surrogacy scam

Publié le 13 May, 2019

A federal criminal complaint has been filed against 37-year-old Grégory Blosser, from Florida, in connection with his business activities as head of company TSG, The Surrogacy Group, which he had operated since 2012. He is accused of setting up a scheme to defraud families who desire to have children using a pregnancy surrogate. At least seven families have been identified as victims from Maryland, North Carolina and Virginia, as well as families from Australia and Germany.


More precisely, Gregory Blosser is accused of having solicited and accepted funds from clients seeking to have a child using a surrogate, promising to use those funds to support the surrogate during pregnancy, but he failed to do so. He was arrested in Florida on 29 April. If convicted, he faces a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison for wire fraud.


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