American Senate votes to terminate public financing of Family Planning

Publié le 10 Apr, 2017

On Thursday, after a close vote, “and a rare tie-breaking vote from Vice-President, Mike Pence, empowered to do so as President of the Senate”,  the American Senate repealed an Obamacare directive “aimed at protecting the public financing of Family Planning clinics”. This measure was approved in February 2017 by the Chamber of Representatives. The law must now be enacted by President Donald Trump.


According to current US legislation, public funds cannot be used to finance abortion.


Locally, although a dozen or so States have taken measures to “preclude the transfer of public money to any clinic practising abortions”,  they were prevented from doing so last December by the Obama Administration.


For Tennessee Republican MP, Diane Black: “Vulnerable women in search of genuine, general health care deserve more than establishments focusing on abortion such as Planned Parenthood”.

AFP (31/03/2017)

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