American Republican vote in favour of two draft bills against abortion

Publié le 20 Sep, 2015

On Friday, the US House of Representatives adopted two draft bills against abortion – the one suppressing the public funding of the Family Planning Association for one year, and the other “adding criminal penalties to doctors who fail to provide medical care to babies born alive during abortion procedures”.


 The House of Representatives is mostly Republican but “almost all of the Democrats voted against these two bills”. The vote was therefore divided – 241 votes for and 187 against. The bill will probably not be adopted by the Senate but, in any case, Barack Obama has “promised to veto it”.


 These measures are in response to videos denouncing the trafficking of organs harvested from aborted foetuses in family planning clinics(cf. Gènéthique du 15 juillet 2015, 21 aout 2015). Eric Ferrero, Communications Director with Planned Parenthood Action Fund, is opposed to the cutting of public financing for the Family Planning Association because “millions of Americans depend on Planned Parenthood for their contraception, life-saving cancer screening and other preventive services”. The American Family Planning Association has 700 clinics, “which depend on public funding to the tune of 40% to finance medical services for modest populations but abortions are financed by private sources”.

 According to the President of the Chamber, “Those who refuse life to the most vulnerable amongst us are on the wrong side of history”.

Le Figaro (18/09/2015) ; New York Times (18/09/2015)

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