American rapper denounces “modern eugenics” practised by the Family Planning Association

Publié le 9 Dec, 2016

Famous American rapper, Nick Cannon, has accused Planned Parenthood, the American Family Planning Association, of organising the “genocide” of the Afro-American population through abortion.


Denouncing “modern eugenics”, the music star has confirmed that the organisation is “controlling the population”. The rapper has also pointed a finger at the Government’s financing for one-third of Planned Parenthood.  


Nick Cannon has already said that he wasn’t surprised at Hillary Clinton’s defeat in the American Presidential Election, branding her as “sly and dishonest”: “Just think about all those things she does with Planned Parenthood. It’s all about attacking our community. And I’m not referring to gentrification, I mean real genocide and that’s been going on for years,” he confirmed.


According to a survey conducted in 26 American states[1], almost 37% of abortions performed in 2012 involved Afro-Americans.

[1] quoted by the American CNS News website in 2015.

Fox News 29/11/2016

RT en Français 29/11/2016

Photo : Pixabay, DR


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